We Meet Again

So, I’m not going to lie. I feel a bit advantaged for this trip to the Woody Guthrie Archives. I had the privilege of getting a partial tour of the Ochs’ archives last semester when I helped bring Phil’ niece Robyn Ochs to OSU. Stepping behind the doors to the archive was like entering a different world for me. It was special for sure. While we didn’t have much time to tour, we were able to see several incredible pieces from the collection. I can not wait to continue that experience and dive deeper into it.

After scouring the finding aids for the Woody Guthrie Center, here are some the things I am most excited about exploring:

  1. Phil’s address book.

Located in Box 12, Folder 3 the address book utilized by Phil contains famous addresses that will help paint a picture of Ochs’ s scope in the activist community of the time. If I recall correctly, Dylan’s old info is in it.

  1. Interview of Witness Stand “Pig for President”

I’m not exactly sure what this is about, but I am excited to find out. A quick google search led me to Pigasus, the pig that ran for President in 1968. Located in Box 01, Folder 11; this is sure to bring a laugh or two.

  1. Fan Mail

 One way to explore the legacy of Ochs is through his connection with his fans. I can not wait to see the creativity and passion expressed in those letters and other correspondence. (Box 26, Folder 01)

A few other areas of interest include a speeding ticket, correspondence about a backgammon game, personal video footage from Phil, and of course THAT GOLD SUIT.

As far as questions for Kate are concerned, I have many. Questions like: when you have something that is the only original, are you more hesitant to put it out for display? Why keep things like speeding tickets and gas bill correspondence? When dealing with fan-created archives, what is the copyright situation like? Are there concerns with publicly displaying that work? What is your favorite part of the collection? Is there something that you feel like should definitely make it into the project that may be easily overlooked?


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