Annotation Station

This week, we were assigned the task of annotating the work of Phil Ochs. I loved this assignment.

The sixteen-year-old poet inside of me loved breaking down his lyrics and applying meaning to it. The historian in me loved researching further into the Civil Rights Era and Ochs’ place within it.

The song I chose to annotate was “Here’s to the State of Mississippi”. While addressing Mississippi by name, Ochs’ call-out is relevant to many states in the South during the Civil Rights Era. Blatant refusal to desegregate schools, follow federal mandates around dissolving Jim Crow laws, police brutality incidents, the reemergence and support of the KKK, and corruption with state officials led to the deaths of many marginalized people, especially people of color.

Using was a cool experience, and one I will do again for sure! It is an interesting resource for those looking to expand their knowledge of musical artists they enjoy. I recommend it for sure.

Without further ado, here are my annotations:

“Here’s to the State of Mississippi”

Tell me what you think, y’all!



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