Timeglider: I’m not sure it is for us.

This week I was tasked with investigating the timeline service Timeglider. The purpose of the review is to narrow down the options for our class collaborative project on Phil Ochs. While I think that Timeglider is a perfectly acceptable program, I am not convinced it is for us.

This program is a data-driven timeline app that has been owned and operated by one man in Boise, Idaho. It has been around in one form or another since 2002, so longevity doesn’t seem to be a problem with this site. The products created by the app are available to viewers by URL, so accessibility is not an issue. They have pretty standards privacy policies and agree to protect your info, only sharing with vendors they partner with.

I know, so far it sounds pretty good, right?

Here are the reasons I am not sold on the site:

  1. There is a fee to use the service. The parameters that would best for our group would cost $5 a month or $50 a year. There is a free student account, but it is too limited for our assignment.
  2. While I was not able to see very many examples of the site at work, due to the layout of their site, it seems to be lacking in tools and features. Since we are hoping to get this work usable for the Woody Guthrie Center, I think this site is not up to par in the area of design.

We have some talented folks in our group and because of that, I feel like this service isn’t advanced enough for our vision and ultimate goal.


2 thoughts on “Timeglider: I’m not sure it is for us.

  1. It’s interesting that the program is run by one person, I was expecting many of these resources to be owned by companies. I also think that in the long-run it would be best to go with a program that does not charge any fees, especially because someone would have to pay for the program to stay up I assume.


  2. It sounds like yours had the same problems Timetoast did, just not enough features and a cost. These stripped down versions would be a good first step for beginners but I think we would want more options and features when working on a project like this.


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