Folk Is Female

This week’s assignment turned into a photo essay with a few videos and a Spotify playlist at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about women in folk music and have left this assignment being inspired by these singer/songwriters.

I used Sutori for my assignment, and I would highly recommend it. It was easy to use and I believe helped me create a powerful essay. There were a few things I wish I could have done, that I was unable to figure out:

  1. I wanted footnotes but was unable to edit them in.
  2. My first video of Elizabeth Cotten sits with just a black screen. I really wanted to make sure that I covered her, so I am hoping the black screen isn’t a deterrent.
  3. I also wish it had more capability to move things around, but I am ultimately happy with my project.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the women I covered have been granted awards for their art, especially with Grammys. I also noticed that many have made it into a hall of fame, but most happened much later in their careers. This is not surprising since women are often passed over and go unrecognized for their work when it is happening. Add extra layers of oppression like race or sexual identity, and that becomes even more complicated.

You can access my essay here.

And my Spotify playlist here.


One thought on “Folk Is Female

  1. That is a pretty great photo essay, Amanda. I like that you spanned over one hundred years of female folk artists. I really like how you highlight modern artists doing crazy interesting things with the genre. Of course, it’s no surprise this is what you would do with the assignment 🙂 I always appreciate hearing your thoughts.


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